Nordic Adventure

To take local action against climate change The Travel Book has decided to become an eco-friendly travel blog. Our sustainable journey begins with our Nordic Adventure in March 2019. On this upcoming adventure we are travelling from Denmark to its neighbor countries Sweden and Norway, to inspire our followers to travel eco-friendly to closeby and local destinations in the North.


To limit our CO2 emission we have taken following actions:
• We are travelling to closeby and local destinations
• We are only collaborating with partners who have a sustainable product, value chain or CSR activity.
• Our aircraft transportation is exchanged with a hybrid car.
• Feather down jackets are traded with vegan dried flower down jackets with recycled outer layer fabric.
• Personal products, like beauty care and exercise equipment, are of recycled material and natural ingredients.
• Our food will be vegan and consist of organic, seasonal and local ingredients


We are excited to use our blog as a media of change to inspire others to travel more sustainably. You can follow our eco-friendly journey continuously here on this blog and on our social media InstagramFacebook and Youtube.


Eco-friendly traveling

Hybrid Car

We are traveling through Scandinavia in a high quality hybrid car to show that there are travel alternatives to aircraft transportation.

Eco-friendly accommodations

When possible we will choose eco friendly accommodations over hotels without policies against climate change.

Food, clothing and care products

We are traveling with eco-friendly clothing and care products and we will only be consuming food with organic, seasonal and local ingredients.


2th of March - 25th of March
  • BMW Hybrid car

    ​We are driving in a hybrid car provided to us by BMW. The average CO2 emission pr km pr person in mixed terrain is in this car 33,5 gram CO2, which is lower than traveling by train (55 gram CO2 pr person pr km). Source: GreenMatch and BMW 

  • Denmark-Sweden

    ForSea operates a sustainable ferry route and uses modern technology to reduce its environmental impact, while continuously working to strengthen the Øresund integration. ForSea is environmentally certified according to the ISO 14001.

  • Gothenburg

    We will be staying in the beautiful Gothia Towers. A hotel that cares a lot about suistanability! They have a beautiful rooftop garen and support great projects as El Sistema in Venzuela.

  • Oslo

    Only 2 days before our arrival the new magnificent Clarion hotel The Hub opens in Oslo. This will be our home for a few days. Recycling, reducing food waste, sustainable raw materials, energy conservation, environmentally friendly materials, heating, local suppliers and partners are just some of the focal areas is some of their sustainable values.

  • Equator

    We are going to visit Equator Aircraft. They have designed the first electric amphibian aircraft in the world!

  • Vinje - Telemark

    We will be staying in a beautiful wooden cabin in Vilje between Oslo and Bergen.
    The cabin is privatly owned and we have been invited as guest in their home.

  • Odda - Hadanger Fjord

    We will stop in Odda close Hadanger Fjord for a few days. This privatly owned cabin offered by Inter Chalet, is located right on the waterfront and we will have acces to a small cute rowing boat.

  • Bergen

    With the city's best location and an elegance characterized by local history and New Baroque architecture, the hotel 'Clarion Havnekontor' today stands as the most fashionable hotel in Bergen. Besides being fahsionable it is eco-friendly!

  • Vestlia Resort & Spa

    This beautiful hotel is located right at the foot of the mountain. They complete all criterias for being a sustainable hotel in Norway. 

  • Geilo

    Geilo is one of the pioners for green and sustainable skiing resorts in the world!
    Besides alpin skiing you can do a thousands things as crosscountry, hiking, icefishing, dog sletching etc.

  • Dog sledding

    One of our biggest dreams are coming through. We are going on a dog sledding tour!

  • Cross country

    Cross country skiing is part of the oldest traditions of Norway. You get to experience the nature in a very different way than on alpine skiing.

  • Nermo - Harfjell

    Nermo is one of the 66 hotels in Norway thats part of ´The Historic´.
    The food is all from local suppliers and the owner is an hunter himself. 

  • Wärmland

    We cannot wait to sleep in the Wilderness village in Sweden. This cabin is all about back to the basics! No heating or hot water, simply just beautiful nature and us.

  • Bergaliv

    The 33 foot tall house is constructed in two stories, 14 sqm each. The lower, a sheltered room in close relation to the surrounding forest. The upper: a roofed outdoor space stripped from walls allowing an uninterrupted view over the valley below. The dualism of the site with its closeness to nature combined with the expansive view has set the rules for the small house and is expressed in the two contrasting spaces sharing the purpose of providing a sanctuary and a peaceful vantage point for the visitors.

  • Stockholm

    In 1993, Scandic decided to become a leader in sustainability and drive the development of sustainability in the hotel sector. It was at Scandic that the idea to “hang up your towel if you want to use it again” was formed – an idea that is now the standard in the hotel industry around the world.

  • Sweden-Denmark

    ForSea operates a sustainable ferry route and uses modern technology to reduce its environmental impact, while continuously working to strengthen the Øresund integration. ForSea is environmentally certified according to the ISO 14001.

Our team

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The BMW Plug-in Hybrid range, also known as iPerformance, takes the best of BMW’s combustion engines, using renowned EfficientDynamics, and marries it to modern battery technology and an electric motor. The result is a BMW with two power sources, but more so, it’s a totally responsive drive, with zero emissions at the point of use*.

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PANGAIA is a global collective of one heart and many hands: scientists, technologists, designers—who all believe that we can do better.

We create from renewable and alternative resources, bio and lab grown materials, recycled, sustainable and as natural as possible.

We are starting a movement. For a better now, for a better future.

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At AIAYU, we do not view waste as a problem – we see it as an opportunity. To recycle, use and re-use fabric to create something new.

In India, we have made a zero waste programme for all our cotton products. Here we strive to take all our leftover fabric and cuttings from the production and use them to not only make small items like our tote bags and hang tags, but also larger designs like our Raw Quilts and Raw Rugs.

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Ecooking offers Danish skin care, produced from natural and organic ingredients. Your skin deserves the best! ✓Luxury care ✓Natural ingredients.

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We are proud of our organic cotton. The production requires less water and is completely free of pesticides and this means that we put a much smaller footprint on the environment.
Our organic cotton is made of long-stacked cotton fibers, which gives the products a longer shelf life.
When the product lasts longer, you do not need to replace your clothing so often

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What is our focus

We guess everybody is changing their focus throughout life. We have most recently tried to recreate our focus points. Therefor, it was important to be able to check the 3 points below for our Nordic Adventure.

  • Eco friendly travel transportation
  • Eco friendly wear and care
  • Eco-friendly partners
Content creating
Learning new cultures
Eco-friendly traveling
Keep Challenging


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