Cloth Sponsor

The textile industry is known for its abundant use of materials and subsequent waste. Typically, the process of making textiles and garments leads to leftover cuttings from production. Fabrics in a slightly wrong colour, or clothing from a cancelled order. The amount of waste can be immense. At AIAYU, we do not view waste as a problem – we see it as an opportunity. To recycle, use and re-use fabric to create something new. In India, we have made a zero waste programme for all our cotton products. Here we strive to take all our leftover fabric and cuttings from the production and use them to not only make small items like our tote bags and hang tags, but also larger designs like our Raw Quilts and Raw Rugs. All our zero waste products are unique and made in limited editions. What’s more, we use the profits from our zero waste production to donate to a local school in Agra, India for challenged children. It’s called TEARS – Train, Educate and Rehabilitate Socially. Given our focus on producing all our products where they originate from, we go to great lengths to support the local communities. They contribute so much to our designs with their handcraft and artisan expertise. Likewise, we implement programmes that contribute to their own quality of life, wellbeing and community. In fact, our AIAYU cotton line was created with this in mind.