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Anyone who has experienced a personal crisis knows that it puts its mark. It also did on me. Literally - and visibly. It was the skin in my face that was hit. Suddenly, it was more "tired" and "sad" than ever before. And because at the same time I lost myself a lot over a short period of time, it resulted in the skin falling completely together. Started at home in the kitchen At that time I also developed private label products for personal care and with my many years of experience in the industry I knew what ingredients were needed to give the skin a boost. I therefore decided - quite literally - to take the matter up alone. With specially selected raw materials from the laboratory, I started mixing cream, oil and serum in my own kitchen. Every other day, a new portion was stirred, which was stored in the refrigerator as they were not added preservation. After a short while I saw the first visible results on my skin - so visible and clear that the products were quickly sought after by my family and friends who got my home-grown products delivered in snap and jam glasses. Products emerged as problem solvers My first "production" was seven products for own consumption. But soon there was demand from outside for specific problem solvers who could help here and now. There is therefore no red thread in the products or any through ingredient, because they all emerged as needed. Each product was designed to solve a specific problem. It was pure therapy for me to help others with their skin problems, and the products were never developed for sale. But the rumor of the products' effect spread and suddenly inquiries came from cosmetologists and shops. The need and desire to help even more were born. How Ecooking arose - a Danish skin care series rich in organic and natural ingredients that do not compromise on the effect. Ecooking is based on honesty and transparency, so all labels show exactly what the products contain.