We try to have a minimum environmental impact by using eco-friendly leathers. Our products are made from luxurious, vegetable-tanned leathers that are made without the use of harmful chemicals like chromium and have no synthetic top finish. Vegetable tanned leather will not stay flawless and smooth, because no vegetable tanned leather bag is the same. Your leather bag will age beautifully over time. It will deepen in color and get softer.

O My Bag was founded to support people in developing countries by providing fairly paid job opportunities. Creating a positive impact in the world is one of our core values and is rooted in everything we do. We believe that by supporting conscious trade we can contribute to a better world with fairly-paid jobs, safe working environments, equal opportunities and respect for the environment. We only work with producers with similar principles, all of our factories have SA 8000 certification standards to ensure that all operate under fair conditions.

We donate part of our revenue to support local projects in India. In 2017 we donated 3,000 school bags to The Brickfield Schools Project which is an organization that provides school lessons to children of workers in Indian Brickfields.

Our Canvas Collection and dust bags are made from GOTS certificated cotton. This cotton is organic and grown without any harmful pesticides or fertilizers, to preserve soil health. No
heavy chemicals are used during the dyeing process. The GOTS certification also guarantees fair trade conditions. All employees work in a safe and healthy environment and they earn

We work with two tanneries, one in Kolkata (India) and one in Tuscany (Italy). The Sheong Shi Tannery in Kolkata has been with us since the very beginning. With their help we were able to co-create high quality eco-friendly leathers and begin to challenge the local leather industry with innovative sustainability measures. Our second tannery is located in Tuscany, Italy. We started working with them in 2016 when we were lacking high quality hides in India which are needed for vegetable-tanned leather. Luckily we found Conceria Nuova Grenoble, who share a passion for vegetable-tanned leather, high production standards and respect for nature.