The Lodge

We are so pleased to learn that you have found our little American Hideaway, in the middle of the forest, on top of Romeleåsen in Skåne.

The Lodge is a romantic Spa hotel, located near Malmö and Lund, on top of Romeleåsen with unbeatable views of the Skåne rolling countryside. From Malmö and Lund it will take you some 30 minutes to arrive to our hotel. Here you can easily relax and enjoy the great food, the spa, and the amazing nature surrounding Romeleåsen. You are welcome to come here not only as a private guest, but also to book your conference or kick off together with your colleagues.

You can also book a romantic Spa-package (a complete spa-package) high above the tree tops and treat yourself to an overall experience at our hotel with fantastic food, magnificent nature, and beneficial treatment in our cozy Spa.

We hope you will enjoy learning more from our website and we look forward to hearing from you!

/ Your Friends at The Lodge

In our restaurant Heaven on top of Romeleåsen in Skåne, only the absolute top class food is served with exciting flavors and texture inspired by the Swedish flora and fauna. Our goal is to offer an exceptional experience, meaning that only the best ingredients and the best drink are being served in our restaurant. All this is linked to our high standards of international personal service by our carefully selected ‘ service heroes’ in the restaurant.

Every month, our kitchen team lead by our headchef Patrik, composes a new 4-course dinner, focusing on the present season’s best ingredients. Our restaurant manager Jane, who also is an experienced sommelier, selects three different beverage packages (wine, beer and alcohol-free) that are excellently adapted to the food being served.

Our ambition is to use the products from the very best local producers and do everything ourselves ‘from scratch’ – from different marmalades to chocolate truffles. In short, at The Lodge you can always expect homemade and locally produced food of the highest quality. In addition to this, you can look forward to one or more culinary surprises during your dinner with us.