Wilderness Village

Stay at the wildest hostel in Sweden
This is a unique and beautiful wilderness village in the deep forests of Värmland..With lakes, wildlife, and cultural events värmland is offering a wealth of activities. This village defines primitive – there is no electricity or running water.
To fall asleep infront of the fireplace and wake up to the silence of the wild.
Stillness, wilderness and exciting experiences is with you in every breath.
The village is a collection of 3 timber cabins and a big main cabin that takes up to 40 people.
We also have a wilderness sauna and the river to enjoy after a sauna.All the cabins & the main has fireplaces wood caminas
You get your own wood and water.

We have 3 timbercabins.
The cabins are handbuilt by the village creator Lennart Swahn.

The sleeping cabins have a wood-burning stove, small tables and pallets, each cabin can accommodate up to 6 people and you sleep on bunkbeds.
You collect water, firewood, and keep the fires going yourself.

Lanterns and candles are your source of light.

When you stay at Vildmarksbyn you have access to a sauna by the river, the main Event building and all our public areas.